Includes Recording, Mixing and Mastering. 

Our expert staff will supervise and guide you through every single step during production for guaranteed world class results.

Our 3 recording studios are located in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Cologne in Germany and offer housing.


Our award-winning service for your music. Mixing is the single most crucial step in creating the eventual sound. We will give your music a massive yet organic and clear sound within all available frequencies.


You can attend mixing with our livestream system from anywhere in the world.

We send your music to our label partners afterwards.


We will give as much as is humanly and technically possible, in order to obtain a clear, wide and dynamic sound.

We will use a combination of analogue and digital high-end hardware. 

We guarantee that your final sound works perfectly on any possible sound system.



Aljoscha Sieg and his team love working with newcomer bands from harder genres like metal, hardcore and rock.


Their work has been certified gold, got nominated for the German ECHO award and got their clients high chart entries.

Over the course of the past 10 years, the Pitchback Team has worked with more than 500 bands. They simply love to help new bands every year in reaching their goals and having a great time producing their music.


For bands from abroad they offer Mixing and Mastering services that can be attended via live streaming from anywhere on the planet.

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Pitchback North, Hamburg

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